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Events & Parties

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Party Packages

Birthday Package 1

Our basic level package starting at $130.00. This is held in our regular seating theaters. Admission price is $5 per person (for current movies) and a 2 hour rental.

Birthday Package 2

Our next level package in which you have the ultimate VIP party experience. Held in our reclining seating and is $150.00 for a 2 hour theater rental, admission is $5 per person (for current movies).

Enhancement Package

Our next level package in which you start adding your snacks and food. Depending on the number of people attending we can add a popcorn and drink for each person for $4 p/p (1-30 people) or $3 p/p (31-40 people).

Xbox * PlayStation * Switch Gaming Parties

Gaming on the big screen starting at just $75.00 for 1 hour of game play! Add another 30 min for just $50 more. Just bring your console, games, and controllers in and play on a 24 ft screen with amazing picture and sound! Screen can split into 4 player just like at home.

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